Citizen Scientist Course

Ocean Literacy & Digital Photography Storytelling 

As humans we are now seeking deeper connections to nature and the marine Eco-environment. We look to explore the world around us and engage in ocean related activities, by getting to know the lungs of our planet, "Mother Ocean."

In this Course we explore the fundamental basics of this new era in photography, "Digital Storytelling". You'll also learn how to drive change through your images and why Ocean Literacy is so important to clear communications about positive change.


Our Vision

Our vision here at Ocean Goddess Academy is to provide an educational environment that offers digital ocean learning platforms, as we strive to create products and services that provoke authentic, comprehensive, creative, and challenging learning experiences. We want to break cultural and geographical borders to further learning, now. 

Student Workshop Film Showcase

Event Assignment Overview

The assignment was to build a storyboard through film that captures the audience to drive change and be better environmental stewards in their communities. They were split into Film Crews (also Virtual Assignments) and each day they learned more about the creative process  of film making and using digital photography to develop their Storyboard which allowed them to develop and plan for filming on the epic adventure ahead. We provided the tools, knowledge, and assistance each day to create their masterpieces! Each participant was awarded a camera for the course to create, direct, and gather images and video throughout their Field Days.  

Video Time frame Goal: 1-3minute compilation

The Adventure

Our workshop students traveled from Nassau, Bahamas to The Exuma Land and Sea Park, 112 acres of  Marine Protected Area located in the Exuma Cays. A truly unforgettable experience filled with adventure, exploration and an interactive classroom filled with learning. 

During this exploration, we ventured into the Shroud Cay mangrove wetland with The Bahamas National Trust where we learned about what makes this protected Marine Area so special and vital. We then cruised on to Hawksbill Cay, anchored up and dived into the crystal clear waters, where were found baby conch and learned all about the anatomy from Lashanti the Siren. Next was Compass Cay for lunch and Sharks, where our students faced their fears and used all the information gathered in class for a safe fun filled interactive class on identifying the parts of the shark and a lesson on why they are so important to our ecosystems.  They'll be talking about it for a lifetime! 

In Nassau, students visited Bonefish Pond National Park for an epic adventure on this delicate but resilient mangrove ecosystem. There, they planted the red mangrove seedlings and explored while snorkelling a wetland they hadn't seen or heard of before. The best part of the day was that their parents were present while learning and joined in on the snorkel adventure.

Below is a showcase of what they have learned and experienced through film, let's take a look at what they came up with having three outdoor field days to collect content. 

Film Group 1

Are Sharks Scary? 

Film Group 2

What's in it for you?

Virtual Student Showcase


photos seen in this album are a collective of images taken by our students creatively learning camera basics and fundementals.

Meet the Founder - Ocean Goddess Academy

As “Mermaid Katie”, one of the few professional black women in the world to teach Underwater Photography as a Professional Instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and educate so many people within my ocean community. It has been an amazing journey, having the opportunity as a woman in ocean conservation to live my dreams and to explore the ocean in my own backyard, The Bahamas. My love for curating memories, sharing them with others and encouraging love and devotion for Ocean Education and Photography & Film has lead to the development of “Ocean Goddess Academy” with the vision of cultivating strong belief in representation within the ocean space. This community focuses primarily on bringing ocean awareness, education, jobs and training opportunities, and events featuring people of colour locally and internationally.

Through diligence and commitment our Team has reaped not just international recognition, but the support of Citizen Scientists and Environmentalists all around the world. We have been blessed with the opportunity to host Ocean Goddess Academy’s first Citizen Scientist Course (Powered by Gillette Venus), focusing on Ocean Literacy & Digital Photography Storytelling. Gillette Venus has chosen our program to receive the “Venus Wave Maker Project” grant, providing us with access to a global platform and funding to help develop this project that will educate and empower young women within the ocean conservation space.

This course will be offered free of charge to small group of young women of various ages, allowing them to explore marine environments with The Bahamas National Trust Environmental Stewards, and meet influential Women currently leading marine science efforts locally and internationally.

"Meaningful communication is the key to driving change to save our planet. "The ocean is our life support and we have the ability to create change! You don't have to live near the ocean to protect it, you just have to be willing to make small life changing steps to form new habits that will create a sustainable future for your families and your community." - Katie Storr

The Venus Wave Makers Project

As a brand that has been inspired by the ocean since our inception, we are excited to introduce the Venus Board of Trust Seas - six women who are breaking barriers in ocean science and conservation.

The board of Trust-Seas wouldn't be complete without our very own mermaid. @mermaidkaties is a Bahamian ocean and diversity advocate. To learn more about her diverse talents please browse the website.

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